Colin Farrell on the Late Late Show

Colin Farrell shows his support for The Katie Rose Foundation on The Late Late Show

Colin Farrell has been so incredibly supportive of the Katie Rose Foundation and the need for awareness for Mitochondrial Disease. Since our initial meeting with Colin on October 6, 2015, he has mentioned us and Mito to various media outlets. The biggest of all being

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colinfarrell latelateshow

Colin Farrell gets involved

Colin Farrell becomes #mitoaware

Colin Farrell meeting families affected by Mitochondrial Disease

On October 6th we met with a true gentleman, Mr. Colin Farrell as part of an awareness campaign for Mitochondrial Disease and to highlight the devastating effects that this disease has on its victims. Colin entered that room on October 6th not as a Hollywood superstar but as a father, a human, a man full of

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We always have events running in aid of the foundation, find out how they're going and how you can get involved!